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Bob’s Red Mill: Good for People and the Planet

There's so much to love about Bob's Red Mill Natural Foods. Not only are they committed to producing delicious, whole-grain foods, but they also do it in a way that helps to protect and improve the planet. 

An image of Bob Moore of Bob's Red Mill Natural Foods wearing a red vest.

A life-long entrepreneur, Bob Moore will forever be remembered as a larger-than-life character often seen in photos clad in a bright red vest. But as the founder of Oregon's iconic Bob’s Red Mill Natural Foods, Bob is known best for his commitment to pure, high-quality ingredients, generosity, and sustainability.   

Bob and his wife Charlee first gained interest in whole grains in the '60s while raising their family, and after a decade of learning the ancient art of stone milling, the couple opened Moore's Flour Mill in a Quonset hut in Redding, California, in 1974. After a few years, though, they decided to take a leap of faith and left Moore's Flour Mill to their sons and moved to Oregon to open Bob's Red Mill. 

And their leap has left quite a legacy. Today, Bob’s Red Mill is a proud employee-owned producer of over 400 products, including natural, Certified Organic, Non-GMO Project Certified, Fair Trade, and gluten-free milled grains, available worldwide.

Bob’s Red Mill associates working on their ongoing wetland restoration project in Milwaukee, OR.

As Bob’s Red Mill continues to grow, they have made a commitment to sustainability through responsible sourcing, packaging waste reduction, soil health projects—such as piloting regenerative agriculture practices in a “living lab” with Canadian oat miller Avena Foods—and continuing a multi-year wetland restoration project aimed at boosting overall watershed health at their Milwaukie headquarters.  

To kick off this initiative, Clackamas County Water Environment Services (WES) awarded them a $27,000 grant to begin phase one of the restoration work at Mill’s End Wetland—a 4.5-acre parcel of natural land on the company’s property. The project's focus is on removing invasive species, like Himalayan blackberry, clematis, reed canary grass, and ground ivy to protect the tree canopy and encourage biodiversity. They are replacing these invasive species with native trees, plants, and shrubs like dogwood, salmonberry, and Oregon grape. By doing this, they aim to assist passive stormwater treatment and improve the local food web, including spotted towhee, teals, and native tree frogs. They also installed a variety of bird boxes.  

All this work, in turn, will help to improve habitat and water quality in the Mt. Scott watershed. 

An individual holding bags of Bob’s Red Mill Quinoa, Rolled Oats, and Couscous.

With a shared commitment to nutritious food and responsible sourcing, Bob’s Red Mill has been a New Seasons Market partner since day one, and they recently welcomed us and our new store to the Milwaukie neighborhood. 

While founder Bob Moore has passed, his legacy lives on in the incredible company, products, and leadership he pioneered. Bob is responsible for helping to shape the food scene in Portland and beyond, and he has certainly left his mark. 

Our own CEO Nancy Lebold had the privilege of meeting Bob right out of college and during her days leading Bulk Foods at WinCo Foods:  

 “I had the privilege of getting to know Bob very early in my career and can honestly say that Bob’s work ethic, professionalism, and kindness was unparalleled in our industry and left a lasting impression on me. Today, I am so grateful for the positive impact he's had on Portland and the surrounding area.”  

New Seasons Market Merchandising Managers Ryan White and Michelle Berman have learned from his energy and passion:  

On a tour of the mill years ago Bob popped in towards the end and started leading the tour. He must’ve given that tour hundreds of times, but the energy and pride he showed made it seem like it was opening day, and he was giving the inaugural tour. It all seemed so fun for him.” 
- Ryan White, Grocery Program & Category Manager

I often spotted him at trade shows, mingling with folks in our industry. His genuine warmth and passion for his work were always evident. My colleagues at Bob's Red Mill always spoke highly of him, reflecting his kindness and leadership style.” 
- Michelle Berman,
 Grocery Program & Category Manager

 Whether it's a pan of gluten-free brownies, a morning bowl of oats, or the ingredients for your favorite recipes, Bob’s Red Mill products really do inspire the joy Bob set out to inspire with his wholesome, whole-grain goodness.

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